This is my life. I was born in 2003 August 16th in St Thomas Hospital,as my Mum Irene Odenore said i was a early and painful birth, what was special on that day at birth was that Everton and Arsenal was playing that day.My Dad was sure interested in that match as my birth,I thought […]






A place that feels home to me is Wave lengths Pool.


First it started when my primary class decided we should go to the wonderful pool,I was very scared when I went in to the water on the starter pool and was quite clumsy,I was very sad when I saw everyone moving to the next step.Then finally I had feeling that I should do this and the motivation got me pass the step,then the deep end oh boy I found this very hard to keep my body up in the water,the very nice Instructor helped me to keep up my body in the water.They Finally allowed us to use slides and I had a lot of fun using it! Diving in the pool is the best bit of coming to this venue,I go there monthly and still it is great with no doubt.




Canada Water Library


Another Place that feels like home is Canada Water


Regularly I would go to my nearest local library but it was really old and I was too lazy to go to Camberwell,then in 2012 Canada water Had made a new library made by expert architects,I thought it was a normal library,I decided to borrow a few books like DB and Naruto,these books are very rare these days they had a lot in stock.I wasnt still impressed  so I decided to borrowed a dvd and they where really nice when I was taking an dvd and gave me another one for free,I joined an art club to teach me how to draw anime.Now I go there regularly and take out a lot of books what i really like.



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Karim is a boy who wants to fulfill all his things on his bucket list, his brother on the other hand is stopping him for fulfilling them. He loves playing football and plays the game fairly, in chapter 3 he was stiff on the ball at first and gradually got better and even managed to […]

Book Review – Inazuma Eleven All Players Meikan Series   Coming soon.

Shakespeare secret weapon his plays are competition,this is that he want to spice up the scene.This essay is about the examples he uses it in. In Romeo and Juliet the Capulets and Montagues have competition in Verona(Italy),but things turn around when Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet fall in love at an mask party hosted by […]

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